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Wheel Alignment For Trucks & Cars in Cape Coral, FL

When we align a vehicle we do more than just "set the toe and let it go." We start with a test drive to note any vibrations, pulls or handling problems. We then bring your vehicle into the shop and put it up on the hoist to check all of the steering and suspension components for wear. We adjust your tire pressure to manufacturer specifications. This is important for ride quality and tire life. We check your wheel bearing preload to be sure it is proper for your vehicle. Another important part of your vehicle's alignment is its ride height. The older your vehicle gets, the more likely the springs or coils are to sag. This throws your alignment out of manufacturer's specifications, and makes your vehicle handle less well. We use Hunter 311 alignment equipment (with all of the latest software updates available), using infrared alignment heads so we don't have to worry about bad cords and poor connections. We print out a pre-alignment condition of your vehicle along with the specs of what it should be. We then align your vehicle by changing the front wheel adjustable angles using the thrust line of the vehicle. We then re-road test your vehicle to be sure your suspension components are operating properly.

Wheel Alignment

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