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Car & Truck Battery Replacement in Cape Coral

We remove the cables from the battery and check the cables and ends for corrosion and deterioration. We also check the battery terminals or posts for corrosion. We clean the battery and cable ends. We check the electrolyte level and add water if needed. We then seal the terminals with battery post sealer.

Car Battery

ACDelco Advantage Battery

For most makes and models. Similar in quality to OES, but at a more attractive price. Batteries for cars, trucks and marine vehicles. A great battery for traveling the highways, roads and Cape Coral canal waterways.

Car Battery

Larry's Auto normally stocks the ACDelco Advantage Battery (above).
All other ACDelco batteries also available same day usually.

Battery Features & Benefits

  • Terminal design provides resistance to acid leaks, seepage, corrosion and black post, allowing the terminal posts to stay clean and corrosion-free on the shelf
  • Monitored with dozens of quality control checks to help provide ACDelco quality
  • Envelope separators are designed to help eliminate shorting and “corrode-through” to improve reliability and battery life
  • Large reservoirs above the plates provide ample electrolyte reserve for maintenance-free performance
  • Both positive and negative grids are lead/calcium alloy to maximize corrosion resistance, increase cycle life and reduce water consumption to improve battery durability

18 month free replacement battery limited warranty

Car Battery ACDelco Professional Gold

ACDelco Professional Gold

High quality alternative to OEM products. Fits most GM vehicles and most other makes and models. The best free-replacement period under our limited warranty.

Car Battery ACDelco Professional Silver

ACDelco Pro Silver

Fits most GM vehicles and most other makes and models. One of the best warranties in the industry.

Car Battery ACDelco Professional

ACDelco Professional

Fits most GM vehicles and most other makes and models. Virtually maintenance-free and resists corrosion.

Car Battery ACDelco Voyager Battery

ACDelco Voyager

A "Green Eye" hydrometer on select deep cycle models. Designed to fit specific needs such as police vehicles.

Car Battery ACDelco Heavy-Duty Battery

Heavy-Duty Battery

The perfect choice for big rigs and big pickup trucks. Designed to fit specific needs such as police vehicles.

Interstate Batteries
Interstate Automotive Battery

Larry’s Auto can get any Interstate Battery same day in most cases.

Interstate Battery Mega-Tron Plus
Interstate Battery Mega-Tron II
Interstate Line Battery
Interstate Battery Optima

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