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Car Care Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a car be “too cool” or run “too cold”? What are the symptoms that the car may have? What can happen to the car?

Answer: Yes! Your car CAN run too cool. Todays cars run at temps up to 220 degrees. These high temps help todays engines run very efficient. The thermostat regulates the temp of your engine to maintain these temps. But, if your thermostat fails open, the engine temp drops causing engine to not be as efficient as normal. Usually no symptoms would be present as far as driveability, but it can effect your fuel economy causing you to use more gas than necessary.

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Q: What temp is ideal for a car to run at?

Answer: Each manufacturer has there own temp specification. It’s best to look in your owners manual under “instrument panel”. It will have an expected range of your gauge. Usually if the temp gauge is out of this range it should be looked at.

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Q: Why should I get my “check engine light” looked at ASAP? What happens if I wait too long? Could I be missing additional problems by not addressing this right away?

Answer: You should get your check engine light checked out as soon as possible. Just because there is no "obvious” symptom noticeable to you does not mean possible damage to other components or even engine damage from prolonged driving with certain engine codes. The drawback of not addressing the check engine light is if a new problem arises you wont know because light has been on “masking” the additional problems your car is trying to communicate to you.

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Q: Which brand name products do you use?

Answer: In our efforts to bring the best products at good prices to today’s motoring public, we proudly use quality brand-names such as: AC Delco, Motorcraft, Goodyear, Cooper, Dunlop and Valvoline.

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Q: Do you recycle old oil or parts?

Answer: Yes! We are an eco-friendly shop; we recycle our used oil, recycle our used tires, use a non-chlorinated brake parts cleaner, and even send all of our old florescent lights out to the recycler for proper disposal.

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Q: I have an appointment for my vehicle to be serviced. May I drop it off early morning or late evening when it is more convenient for my schedule?

Answer: Absolutely! There is a late night drop box so you can drop your vehicle off when it is convenient for you, whether that be after work or early in the morning.

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Q: Do you offer rental vehicles at your Service Centers?

Answer: We have a Special Discount arranged for our customers at several local Rent-A-Car Dealers.

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Q: When are your Service Center’s business hours?

Answer: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday & Sunday closed.

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