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Timing Belt & Serpentine or V-Belt Replacement

Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no obvious signs the timing belt is about to fail; it will just break. That’s why highly rated auto mechanics recommend replacing it every 60,000 to 100,000 miles based on owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Belts degrade over time and can crack, split, or break. It is important to check belts at the intervals recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer to avoid a breakdown from a broken belt. We can inspect your belts and hoses to identify any warning signs or concerns.

Timing Belt

Timing Belts

A timing belt drives and synchronizes camshaft movement. Wear on your timing belt is not visible because it is housed inside the engine. A timing belt can fail without warning. When a timing belt fails it could mean serious and costly engine damage.

All original equipment vehicle manufacturers (OEM) provide a timing belt replacement interval. It is critical that the timing belt be replaced on or before that mileage interval.

Note: Water pump, timing belt tensioner and coolant replacement are frequently required to be done at the same time as a preventative measure.

Serpentine or V-Belts

Belts enable your vehicle rotating components, such as the alternator, water pump, and AC compressor to keep turning. Some vehicles are equipped with V-belts, an individual belt for each component and others are equipped with a serpentine belt, one large, multi-groove belt that is routed around all of your vehicle’s rotating components.

Normal wear and exposure to extreme temperatures will degrade both V-Belts and serpentine belts over time. In this situation, a broken belt means a break down. These belts are usually visible. If you observe any cracks, fraying, or splitting it is time for a replacement.

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